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Last Christmas

January 3, 2013
tags: blúnduprjón, bobble knitting pattern, gataprjón, hat, húfa, Hyrna Herborgar, knitted hat, lace knitting, pallíettur, Plötulopi, prjónuð húfa, sequins, Snug Harbor, Unspun Icelandic

I gave this hat to my daughter:


Its knit with a single strand of plötu lopi (Unspun Icelandic) held with a thread of sequins. This yarn is incredibly versatile and I love all the possibilities it gives me as a knitter.


Lopi is very warm but the pattern I chose for this hat gave it a more light weight feel. It was a quick knit, despite all the bobbles, and quick is just what you need when knitting up Christmas presents:)

To shoot the photos we went to one of my favorite places to take my kids for walks, Snug Harbor. There is a little castle over there:


On the other side of it is a secret garden with a maze, and in the middle of the maze is an area that is closed of with a red brick wall. I took the photos inside those walls, in that little area with the little benchesgoing in there is like jumping inside a storybook full of adventures

A side note:

The combination of the yarn and sequins I used for the hat is the same one I used for my Hyrna Herborgar shawl way back when, its actually the left overs from the shawl:


Happy New Year!! I wish you all a lot of knitting in the year 2013!!!

Wool and Mohair anybody??

December 28, 2012
tags: brown sheep, bulky yarn, garn, hand knit, hat, knitting, lamb´s pride, leave motif, leg warmers, legghlýfar, legwarmers, mohair, sleeves, ull, wool

Now that Christmas is over, well the gift giving at least, I can post pictures of my Christmas knits.  First  of the ever cozy leg warmers:


That turn into sleeves (arm warmers??) when you need them to:


And a hat to match:



Close up of the leave motif:


I used Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky, it´s 85% wool and 15% mohair.  It is wonderful to knit with, it´s so cozy and warm and as you can tell by photos, the stitch definition is just beautiful!  I would love creating something more with this gorgeous yarn!

A quick one

December 26, 2012
tags: fingerless mittens, handspun, manos del uruguay, soft wool, stúkur, ull

These are one of  the fingerless mittens I knit for my daughter to give to one of her friends as a Christmas present.  She posed for me just before she wrapped them up and gave them away:


I knit these up in Manos del Uruguay, it is handspun and little un even but that adds to its charm.  I only had about one skein of each color so each of her friends will be getting a different colored one.

That´s it for now!  I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays!


p.s. it did snow on Christmas eve (and even a little bit today as well!!) and it made me SO happy!

Merry Christmas to all!

December 24, 2012
tags: fondant, gingerbread house, merry christmas, piparkökuhús, snowmen

I can´t believe Christmas is here already!! And the year coming to an end, that went quick!

I´ve been getting ready, knitting, baking and now cooking..can´t wait to sit down at the dinner table tonight for my favorite meal of the year!

Here´s the gingerbread house I made this year:


It collapsed once and the roof began to cave in, so I placed a tall glass inside it to help keep the roof up.  The snow men/women/children love ice skating on the little pond, taking a break every now and then and relaxing on the benches.


They put on their hand knit hats, mittens and scarves to stay nice and warm, and at the end of the day they cozy up in front of the fire-place with a cup of hot chocolate in their little house.


And of course youre going to find little mittens lying around here and know how kids are!! :)


Happy Holidays to Everybody!

Christmas knitting

December 22, 2012
tags: christmas knitting, classic elite, fingerless mittens, jólaprjón, knitted hats, knitting, llama and wool, manos del uruguay, prjóna húfa, stúkkur

I have been working on some more Christmas knits this week and Im really enjoying these quick little knits:


These are fingerless mittens, the quickest kind too, which is perfect because Im knitting up 5 pairs of these little babies.  My daughter asked me to make something she could give to her friends for Christmas.  At first I was thin king hats, but time just kept passing and I only started a couple of days ago so quick fingerless mittens it is!  (I only got 2 more pairs to make and then to make cat faces on themwill be going at it today! :) )

Here is a hat I am also working on:


I work a lot with lopi, Icelandic wool, for many reasons, one of them being that I love it!  But I chose to use something else for these little things Ive been making lately.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to get a bag full of beautiful yarn from a fellow knitter who wanted to get rid of some stash.  I get a  little weird when it comes to yarn, Im afraid to use it because I think I might come up with something even better to use it for..its a strange thing I know but Im working on it.

I decided Id use some of it for my christmas knitting this year, it wasnt easy initially but once I just made up my mind that was it and it felt great!:!!

For the mittens I used Manos del Uruguay, handspun wool, and for the hat Im using Classic Elite, 50% llama and 50% wool.  The llama and wool blend is a dream to work with, love how it feels and the halo of fuzz that it createsits gorgeous.


Im dreaming of a white Christmas

December 15, 2012
tags: brown sheep, hats, húfur, knitting, legghlýfar, legwarmers, mohair, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, ull, Unspun Icelandic, wool

All these years I have lived in NYC it has not snowed once on Christmas! I am hoping against all hope that this year it will be different. I want white Christmas more than anything.

If my wish wont be granted then I ask that it will at least be cold out there, and no sun in sight!


While I have been day dreaming about snow I have been doing some x-mas knitting:


A simple bobble stitch, a pretty little pattern.  I used unspun icelandic held with a thread of sequins string.


Another hat and another simple pattern.  I love how the leaves turned out in this yarn, itsLambs Pride 85% wool/15% Mohair.


Leg warmers to go  with the hat.  This yarn is lovely to work with and ideas for more designs kept popping up as I was knitting with it.

Now, this is not knitting related but this little fellow is just so adorable I had to share him:


I painted him and planned to put him on our Christmas tree with the other ornaments.  But I have a set (used to be 3 but 1 broke) candle holders that Id grown tired of and wasnt sure what to do with.  Usually I put pine cones in them for Christmas but this year I just wasnt feeling it.

SO, I got this bright idea to make a little winter wonderland for my little Rudolph!   I put some fake snow in the bottom, attached a branch I found out side, had to put some snow on that as well, and now he has a home.  I have to say that I felt a little claustrophobic for him when I first put him in there and put the top on, but he seems to like it!


Word of the Week

December 13, 2012
tags: Christmas ornament, collective memory, kids, New York, photography, Silver Lake, Staten Island

Actually 2 words this week: collective and memory.

Collective memory:

1.The ability of a community to remember events.
2.The collection of memories shared by a common culture.

This made me think of my kids and the things we do together, and being that it is December,our christmas traditions.

Every December we paint little christmas ornaments for our tree, this year probably 1/2 of the ornaments on the tree are hand-made by us.

Each one brings back a memory of a time shared, listening to christmas music and painting.


Fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and I love taking walks through beautiful parks with my kids.  They are usually up for it, but of course as we all grow and change none of us experience this time together the same way.  There for we will all have our individual memory of these walks, but collective none the less.



A branch, thats all a guy needs to have fun:


Doesnt want her picture taken:


As  I was saying, just a branch:


He wants to sit in the exact same spot as his brother, his brother isnt having it:


Doesnt know Im taking her picture:


Love the view:


Too busy to notice:


Still too busy:




Love this path:


And this face:


Looks deserted:


Stuck to her Nook like glue:


Tired and ready to go home:


Or not:


The End 

Check out Kristín´s beautiful photos as well!


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