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WIP (when in Paris??)

October 23, 2013

I see a lot of people talking about their wip (work in progress) or their ufo (unfinished object), and it’s usually mentioned as some sorta problem, like they  HAVE GOT to finish or……….or else I don’t know.  But every time I think to myself: “well, I have a few unfinished knits, but so what?  I don’t have a problem…….do I?”

It got me to make a mental list of things I haven’t finished………yet.  And I also thought of the reasons why, why are they still on the needles, why are they not done?  Another question is, do we HAVE TO finish everything we start knitting?

There are different reasons for why I start a project.  Somebody might need a hat.  Sometimes an idea for something fantastic comes to me.  Sometimes a yarn speaks to me.  And sometimes, sometimes I just really want to knit, and so I start.  And it soothes me and makes me happy and it ignites my mind and fills it with great ideas.  Because sometimes, just knitting, mindless unplanned knitting takes me places……sounds dramatic, I know, but it’s the truth.

I went looking for my unfinished knits, wasn’t hard to find actually…..hadn’t stuffed them too far or in too weird a places.

The first one up is an Icelandic wool sweater.  Years and years ago, my aunt came to visit and she brought enough yarn for 3 sweaters plus a book with beautiful patterns.  I can’t remember the name of the pattern I chose for myself and I can’t remember why I didn’t finish it.  All that is left to do is cut up the middle, knit one button border and sew it together, and voila, I’ll have my first Icelandic wool sweater ever! (I have knit them before, just not for myself) .   I think I may have put it aside to hurry up and knit my kids sweaters, I’m sure I meant to get back to this one right after….


Then there is this, this…..well so far it’s nothing but a tube knit in the round.  This one I started this summer, I wanted to try out this yarn (the name escapes me at this moment) and I wanted to try out this pattern.  As I was playing with it, mindlessly knitting with no set plan, these ideas of a fun sweater begun to pop up, so I kept knitting and more ideas came to me.  I did not have enough yarn to make this into a sweater, plus what I had in mind wouldn’t work with what I had knit so far.  But the point is, I enjoyed spending time knitting this piece and it gave me so many awesome ideas (and it made me just plain happy), so I would never consider it a waste of time, nor do I feel that I HAVE TO finish this particular piece or make it into anything.  I actually plan to rip it all out and use the yarn for something else.


And the third item, a neck warmer.  I made my boys a hat each last winter in this same grey tone, which I love by the way, and then closer to spring I figured I should make them neck warmers to go with them.  Now, the reason I didn’t finish this one yet is because it just got to warm and so I just put it away.  I never felt that I had something unfinished, to me knitting is a process that should be enjoyed and it’s better to put things away and leave them until you will enjoy knitting them again, be it a month or ten from then.



Of course there are times when we have a deadline, be it one we set for ourselves or not……I mean, who want’s to get a Christmas present in June… we may decide to just push through a project we might not be enjoying at the moment.  But in general I knit for the pure enjoyment of knitting and creating.  I like the whole process to be guilt free and enjoyable!  Now, who’s with me???

Have a beautiful day and

Knit away!

Roses for C

October 21, 2013
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This little blanket is one of the few things I knit this past summer.

Months ago a lady who is involved with my son’s football league saw me knitting during practice and told me she would love a little hand knit blanked. She sings with her church choir and needed something just big enough to drape over her knees so that she could wear a skirt without giving people a peep show……….that would be quite scandalous wouldn’t it!  Oh my ;0)

Well, at the time I had too much on my plate and couldn’t add another thing but I always had it in the back of my head, kept thinking about how I wanted it structured, what kind of a pattern did I want to use.  The words that kept coming to me were simple and pretty, nothing overly complicated or dramatic looking.

The yarn was a given, I’ve had it in my stash for years, baby cotton from dale garn.  She wanted it made with yarn that wouldn’t have to be hand washed so the cotton was perfect, plus it it’s less fussy than wool and there for some how simpler in my opinion.

Going through my pattern books I kept coming back to this rose pattern.  It’s so pretty, rather simple but I thought it might look a little over whelming, but I went with it anyway and am happy with the results.

I have very mixed emotions about giving or selling my hand knits, I can’t quite pin point what it is.  I love to create with yarn and needles, but knitting is so much to me, it does so much for me.  It’s like reading a good book, I can get lost in it, forget things I don’t want to think about at that moment.  So much of me goes into it and then to just let it go…..I don’t know, I find it hard.  Kind of just like giving my baby away…….am I odd?  Or just plain crazy??!!  In general I don’t have a problem with giving, but I worry that people won’t love my knits as much as I do, won’t take care of them the way I would, won’t wear them with as much love and pride as I would…………yeah, maybe a little crazy……but I’m sure (kinda hoping actually) that there are more of you out there that feel that way cause that would make me feel a lot less……..nutty!

Have a beautiful day and knit away……..if you can find the time;)

Dusting off the Cobwebs

October 18, 2013
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It’s been a while since I stopped by, I had planned to start posting again in September but……….plans are meant to be changed… I right or am I right!?

Things have changed around here, now my baby has started school,  meaning I will have a few hours to work on my own things.  That was really the reason I stopped blogging last spring, I got frustrated with the lack of time and decided to hell with it…….well not really but you know what I mean.

Anyway, I’m back, want to make some changes around here too, nothing much but get things more up to date I guess.

I didn’t get as much knitting done this summer as I’m used to, and I also stayed away from the computer completely……there was always the phone for online traveling of course, I mean, who can stay away from the internet these days??  (I could…..if I really really wanted to………)

But here’s what happened when I began working on the computer again, and picking up the needles more, my fingers started hurting.  I had a panick attack (I’m not the dramatic type so it was only a mild one), thinking I was getting arthritis.  I figured that was it for me, only a few more years of knitting before my fingers would be completely useless.  It was a sad sad moment………what now?  How do I go on without knitting?  Is that even possible for me?  That would be one hell of a boring life…….then I made the connection and realized my fingers were OUT OF SHAPE!  HA!

So here I am, working my fingers out, getting my blogging on.

Thinking it would be fitting to pull out something I knit a while ago, sorta to continue with the “Dusting of the Cobwebs” theme, I pulled out Hidden:

Hoods like these are one of my favorite things to knit, there is just so much fun to be had, so many elements to play with.  I did have pictures of this one from the time I had recently finished knitting it, but I wanted new ones.

I could sorta see Hidden being worn by some mysterious creature with magical powers who is wondering through the forest, sensing something lurking in the shadows.

So, one after noon when my son had football practice I wondered through the magical forest (aka the park) to find the perfect spot.  And we did find it, a curvy little road, lots of trees, nobody around, perfect!  Camera out, hood on, my little boy busy playing, we were ready to snap some pictures and have some fun.  But that’s when the others showed up.  No magical creatures lurking in the shadows, not that kind, it was the bright-colored-clothing-athletic kind.

There was the leader who almost ran into my daughter cause she was so busy showing the heard of kids behind her how (apparently) one is supposed to swing their arms as they run……….there is a technic to all things I suppose.   The heard then followed her, they ran *up the hill and then down the hill* repeating from * to * more times than I cared to count.  We were lucky enough that they did disappear around the corner for a few second each time and we used those opportunities to jump out of hiding and snap some pictures.

And then it were the two sprinters / squatters……….they would run up, stop midway and do a squat in each step up the rest of the way.  They took their sweet sweet time.  And it just fit so well into the idea I had for the scene of my photos: mystical creatures, magic, spooky sounds, lurking in shadows and then squatting in bright pants…….

But, at least we had a good laugh and I do like the pictures I got, so all in all a win win situation.

I call this piece Hidden because there is a spider hiding on the outside one of the pockets:

Her (yes it’s a girl) web is attached to the hood, and as she climbed her way down, she left a string of web all the way to the pocket where she is hiding.   She’s a friendly one to those who are friendly, and she will protect whom ever is wearing this hood…………so long as that creature has a kind heart.

The pockets are gigantic like the hood, just the way I love them.  The lace, simple but pretty, runs down each side of the scarf, from the top of the hood to the top of the pockets.  I used unspun Icelandic wool for the hood.  I crochet lengths of simple stitch in white Icelandic lace yarn for her web.


Zoom Zoom

April 9, 2013

I have just a few weeks to knit for the little man who will be born next month, as always, time just zoomed by! So today I rummage trough my yarn, I was looking for the baby wool and cotton I knew was there  somewhere.  And,  I started a sweater:

I had a few skeins of each: yellow, green and off white in Stork (Dalegarn) cotton.  I haven’t knit with cotton for forever it seems but this particular yarn is nice to knit with and the colors so sweet, perfect for a teeny tiny baby sweater.

Looking through Ravelry for patterns I of course found a truckload of cute ones……most baby clothes are adorable to begin with…….but my god, the combination of cute baby patterns (and babies modeling them) and soft, sweet colored yarn………..just too much for me!

I managed to pick a sweater out, but then came the problem of deciding how to arrange the colors together………I was so indecisive it was ridiculous and ended up wasting time I could have used to knit………since I only have a few weeks to get this knitting done I did the only logical thing, had Othinn decide for me…:)

The pattern is called Latte Baby Sweater and can be found on a Danish , it is only in Danish, those who don’t read it can at least enjoy the cute pictures:)

Every time I start a baby knit I wonder: why don’t I knit more of these tiny things!  It goes so fast, instant gratification on needles!  I am already up to the armholes, only spent a few min here and there knitting to day………LOVE IT!

April 7, 2013

This past Thursday was my little man’s birthday, the big 10.  I cannot believe it, time went so fast!

Watching my kids grow up has been such a pleasure, not at all as hard as I thought it would be, you know, to see them become more independent and need me (and want me) less.  I’m actually enjoying this part of the journey immensely.  That’s not to say that I don’t miss the moments as they pass but I do my best to enjoy them to the fullest because they will never come back and because I want to create positive memories for both me and my kids.

I am extremely proud of this guy, he is the most decisive person I have ever met, always knows what he wants without a doubt………a quality I wish I had.  He is smart beyond his years and has a curious mind, I love it when he shares his ideas and thoughts with me.

He is going through that “don’t hug and kiss me in public mom” phase, so I make sure I get my fill when we are at home, one day he will move on and out and I better use every opportunity I have before they all pass.

For his birthday this year I wanted to make him a Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) cake, it didn’t turn out as polished as I had pictured it.

I wanted the hammer to look like it had been pounded into the ground, cracking the surface of the concrete.  Both the hammer and the bottom layer are covered with fondant.  I haven’t covered many square cakes with fondant and had a hard time getting the corners looking neat.  For the handle I used a cake dowel and wrapped thin strips of fondant to create the look of a leather handle.

Thor thought the cake looked great and that always encourages me to continue to make their cakes and practice:)

His brother wanted to help me out, but that wouldn’t have been so very helpful so I gave him his own cake to ice and decorate.  When I gave him a bowl of icing he looked at it, tasted it and then went: “do I have to put it on the cake?”

He would then dip his spoon in and go: ” this one goes in my mouth, this one goes on the cake”.  He really loved that icing and had his fill.

He then painted the cake with some apricot syrup and rolled out his own fondant. We decided that his cake should have the birthday candles on it:

He did a great job and his cake tasted delicious!



Easter came and went

April 2, 2013

 Easter was quite over here, the Easter Bunny came by with baskets full of candy  for the kids.  My sister sent us all traditional Icelandic Easter chocolate eggs……that was the top of the day for me, nothing beats Nói Siríus chocolate!

I had an idea for a cake that I really wanted to make as well.  I found these tiny m&m eggs a couple of weeks ago and pictured them on top of a cake that looked like a basket.  One of the reasons I wanted to make this cake was to practice piping the icing, I don’t do that much and am there for not very good at it, but practice makes perfect………or at least better, right?!

Jasmín (my daughter) invited her friends over on Easter Monday for lunch.  Instead of making the cake for Sunday when we were already eating too much sweets I used the opportunity Monday.

I have been looking for a good tasting yellow cake to bake for my boys birthdays, neither of them wants a chocolate cake this year.  I found one in a new Martha Stewart magazine and figured I’d try it for this cake to see if it was any good before baking their b-day cakes.

Thor iced the first layer with home-made chocolate butter cream icing.  He loves to help out in the kitchen, with the fun stuff that is…….not the cleaning up part……but who likes that anyway

For the basket weave I used vanilla Wilton icing, I was afraid I wouldn’t get the right consistency if I made it myself.

The cake tasted really good so I’m going to use it for the boys cakes this year.  I definitely need to practice more with the piping.  They make it look so easy in the books, but of course there are techniques that will take time to ”master”, and hopefully I’ll get there one day!  Thor thought I did a great job with the piping,  he’s my cheerleader when  it comes to decorating cakes

Jasmín also baked a cake, she made the Lovely Lemon Loaf from the  The Back In The Day Bakery Cookbook.  I happened to see the book a few weeks ago and I just had to buy it.  Everything looked so yummy and the book is so well put together.

So far I baked Chocolate Heaven and hummingbird Cake, those two and the lemon loaf were absolutely delicious.

On the knitting front, I finished one more hat and am working on the fourth one.  I will post pictures when I have them both done.

the Versatile Blogger Award

March 27, 2013

The other day  let me know she had nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I have been following her blog for a while,  her posts are always very interesting and I get the impression that she is a very sweet person.

I want to thank her for thinking of me, as she says on her blog: “The best recognition is the kind you get from your peers”.  I so agree with that.

So here goes:

If you have been nominated, nominate 15 fellow bloggers that you love and who are relatively (fair warning, I am taking “relatively” and running with it) new to blogging. Let them know that you have nominated them. Share 7 random facts about yourself. Thank the blogger who has nominated you. Then add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

I only have one problem, I cannot access my computer where I have all the links to the blogs I have been following in the past, and I don’t know that I will ever be able to again………..there are many blogs I have lost because of this…. So I won’t be able to nominate 15.

So, 7 random facts:

1. I haven’t had a hair cut for almost 8 months……yes, looking good! ;O)

2. In America I am called a blonde, in Iceland a brunette… was weird at first.

3. I have a hard time knitting when I feel sad, happy to say that doesn’t happen often.

4. I love candles that have a sweet fragrance, lemon loaf or cupcake or something that makes my house smell like I just finished baking.

5. I cannot keep any plants alive in the house, I have even killed a cactus.

6. Music feeds my sole.

7. I really want to sew me some easter curtains for the downstairs windows, preferably with yellow chicks fabric.

And the blogs I would like to nominate are:


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